Social Distancing: Please Stand 6-6-6 Feet Away!

On July 24, 2020, an anonymous writer posted an article on a WordPress blog entitled, “Masks, Social Distancing, etc., Are Rituals—Participating in the Occult—Worshiping the Beast System.”  There is no copyright on the article and the author encouraged readers to pass the article along, in part and whole, which I am doing now.

The article outlined four specific COVID tenants and linked them directly to occult rituals and the New World Order Beast System. Those four tenants are: (1) wearing a mask, (2) hand washing, (3) social distancing, and (4) sheltering in place/lockdown.

Wearing a Mask

“The global occult ritual of mask-wearing signals your consent to your new, subservient position, under your new masters, and the loss of your position as a vocal representative of, or mouthpiece for, the Word of God on this earth.”

Hand Washing

The global occult ritual of hand washing represents the washing away of the old order (i.e., the Christian Order you once belonged to), so a new order can be ushered in and firmly established.

Social Distancing

“The global occult ritual of six feet of “social distancing” symbolizes the breaking apart of the Body of Christ on earth, so it no longer functions as a stable and cohesive unit.”

I would like to add to this that the rather random, unscientifically tested decision to settle on 6 feet of distance (as opposed to five or ten or any other distance) is likely owing to the fact that 6 is a highly charged occult number, which means in Luciferian circles, among many other things, transition.

Sheltering in Place

“The global occult ritual of lockdowns symbolize isolation from everything normal so you can be “purified” from your old ways (Christian or sound and moral fruit)…surrender your former status to the new order…sacrifice your very self to the new order…and finally, willingly submit to the new order through obedience to it.”

I would also like to add to this “stay at home/don’t go to church” COVID tenant that Hebrews 10:25 exhorts us not only to NOT forsake assembling together, but that as the times grow nearer to the end, we should meet together all the more.

“…not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.”

Hebrews 10:25

I would like to share an “as for me and my house” scenario with everyone for your own consideration and edification. Everyone needs to come to their own conclusions as to how to conduct themselves and their families through these times, but as for me and my house, we decided to not wear the masks or bend the knee to mandates, executive orders, or laws that strip us of our God-given, Constitutional, OSHA, and HIPPA rights. Like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego—we will not bow.

This morning, my 74-year-old father woke up with a raging eye infection. He did not want to go to the E.R. because he (1) doesn’t want to wear a mask, (2) they would likely subject him to a mandatory COVID test, (3) he would have a 50% or higher chance of testing positive due to the false/positive nature of the testing methodologies, (4) because of his age, he would be deemed high risk and perhaps even be hospitalized, (5) his false diagnosis would be added to our state’s statistics, buffering and bolstering the pandemic lie, and (6) the visit and test results would go on permanent records in his health file, which may prove fatal later on down the line.

We prayed for healing but after a couple of hours, the infection became more painful. This is the third time my dad has had this eye infection (but the first time during COVID). My dad told me that in the past, he had gone to the E.R. and they had prescribed Tobramycin drops and the eye had cleared up almost immediately. As soon as my dad mentioned this, a memory popped into my head. A couple of weeks prior, I had been cleaning our fridge and asked dad what the prescription medicine bottle was and he had told me to leave it there it was for his eye infections.

I ran to the fridge and fished the pill bottle off the bottom shelf. Inside the bottle was a full, never-been-opened and not-yet-expired bottle of Tobramycin eye drops!  He put in the drops and was fine by the end of the day.

Brothers and sisters, we serve the God who drops manna from heaven and fed a million-man-mass of unemployed, wandering people for 40 years. So also, we lift our eyes to the hills, where does OUR help come from? Not the hills! (Where the idols to all the false gods were set up). Our help comes from God, maker of heaven and earth!

The world has it backwards. We do not stay healthy by standing 6 feet away from our brothers and sisters. There are over 100 verses in the Bible that talk about the power of HEALING from sickness being the result of laying hands ON a person while praying. This means we are in close proximity to one another and we are touching those who are sick.

Who are we going to serve? The C-D-C or the G-O-D?!

This is our boot camp, brothers and sisters. This is our practice run. If we cower at some loosy-goosy mask mandates, how in the world will we ever look the king of Babylon in the face and defiantly refuse to bow to his regime? How will we march with bravado to the fiery furnace if we can’t even march into a grocery store without a mask?

This article is not meant to shame, but to exhort. There are even tougher times ahead.

Are you ready?


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2 thoughts on “Social Distancing: Please Stand 6-6-6 Feet Away!

  1. Thank you for this truth. Unfortunately it falls upon deaf ears most times whenever I try to share it. I can only pray that the Holy Spirit will open the understanding of all people. It just tears me apart when the information is rejected. Lord help His people.