Images showing “satanic and occult rituals” found on cell phone belonging to stepfather of girl missing since April

Juliette “Yuyú” Le Droumaguet Zapata, 7, has been missing since April 15th.

7-year-old Juliette Le Droumaguet Zapata is reported to have gone missing on April 15th from a large rural farm in Emboscada in Paraguay where she lived with her elder sister Charlotte, mother, and stepfather.  Her mother, Lilian Zapata reported her missing 24 hours later.


At the time it was reported that Juliette had gone missing after going "to play with the goats" in the yard.  At the time of her disappearance, two goats reportedly also went missing, but they were recovered two weeks later in a wooded area 4 kilometres from the house Cadena 3 reported.


According to National Police spokesperson Gilberto Fleitas, “From the beginning, we said this would be the most complicated case of the year.”


Within a matter of days Juliette's mother and her step father, a German National named Reiner Helmut Oberüber were both arrested on charges of neglect and abandonment.


July 23rd information began to slowly trickle beyond the boarders of Paraguay concerning this case when images that had been recovered from the cell phones of both Zapata and Oberüber were disclosed during a press conference by the National Police.


Aside from finding images of child pornography that had been taken on Oberüber's phone, for which he is now additionally charged, they also found "images that allude to satanic rites, Saint Death and even the German Nazi leader Adolfo Hitler on both their mobile devices" according to La Nation.

Two of the images recovered from Oberüber's cell phone according to La Nation.

“Juliette was a toy of the couple, that is the reality, there are testimonies that even refer to the behavior of the mother that showed that they were not interested in the girl and neither in Charlotte," Óscar Tuma, attorney for the girls' father said.  He has reached out to the prosecutor's office on this case and requested that a psychological evaluation be conducted on Zapata and Oberüber.


Lourdes Servin, president of the non-governmental organization 'Ni un niño más' (Not One More Child,) has spoken out concerning the inconsistencies presented by both Zapata and Oberüber concerning Juliette's disappearance, beyond that of the delay in reporting the girl missing.


Charlotte is also said to have reported that Oberüber was on a computer the entire time that a search for Juliette was supposedly being conducted.  That computer has not been located by investigators.


Oberüber also told investigators that he had left the house on two occasions the day that Juliette went missing, but investigators have determined that he left three times- twice by the main route, and once by an alternate.


Both Zapata and Oberüber have claimed that Juliette's disappearance was a kidnapping, but none of the three people at the home at the time "heard the engine of a vehicle or a motorcycle."  Servin has stated that he believes it likely that something befell Juliette and that “it is possible that she is not alive and that she is buried in that property,” according to Cadena 3.


The prosecutor, Irene Álvarez, has not only confirmed that they have evidence showing Oberüber took the images of child pornography recovered from his phone, but also indicated that there was more disturbing evidence that had been recovered, including blood found on one of his shoes and a blanket in his vehicle.


Charlotte, 10, has been returned to her father's custody in Switzerland.


Zapata and Oberüber remain in detention as the investigation continues.