Sister Sacrificed by Brother


On December 24th, 12 year old Janani Rana from Salebarat village left with her 28 year old brother Subhoban Rana to go to a nearby village.  When she did not return home the following day, her parents filed a missing persons report with the police.


At the time of her disappearance her brother was out on bail for a previous crime in which he is accused of taking part in the sacrifice of his friend Kunja's 9 year old nephew in October of 2018.


Police arrested Subhoban and questioned him concerning the disappearance of his sister.


“The accused confessed to murdering his sister Janani to propitiate Goddess Durga. After he confessed to his crime, we arrested him and took our team to a forest where we recovered the girl’s headless body,” Bolangir’s superintendent of police Madkar Sandeep Sampat said.


Subhoban was arrested on Monday the 6th.


"During the investigation, the police seized clothes of the minor girl, her bicycle, a knife, materials used to conduct pooja," the superintendent stated.  Janani's body has been sent for an autopsy.


Father of the siblings, Musuru Rana, has stated that he desires stringent punishment for his son.