Sheriff announces arrest of four child predators and rescue of a child

Lakeland, Florida: Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd announced the arrest of four individuals during a press conference on Friday, December 10.


He commended Instagram for "doing what was right" when they banned a user and reported the content that user had been sharing on their platform to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


"Instagram not only blocked him, they reported him to NCMEC, as is required by the federal law" Judd said. "I want to commend Instagram because they blocked him, because they reported him, we found a very young baby that he was actively sexually battering and in fact, had their photograph."


In announcing the preliminary charges against the four individuals Judd said that the investigation was ongoing and more charges would likely be filed as electronic devices are reviewed over the coming weeks.


Ian Kendall Gadd, 23, was arrested and charged with 89 counts of enhanced possession of child pornography, 10 counts of use of a child in a sexual performance, and 10 counts of promoting a sexual performance by a child.


"There is not enough time or adjectives to explain my rage and frustration with someone who would do that and take videos and pictures," Judd stated.


Gadd is being held without bond.


While stating that he could not release the age of the child Gadd was sexually battering as it could lead to her identification, he stated that she was "very young" but verbal "so not an infant," but that she was "coached not to talk" about the abuse she endured.


29-year-old Christian Pillot-Osorio has been charged with 33 counts of enhanced possession of child pornography and four counts of transmission of child pornography.  He was reportedly found in possession of images of children as young as 5-months-old being sexually abused. According to Judd, he told investigators that he had been viewing child pornography since the age of 16.


He is bring held without bond.


Billy "Jordan" Rose, 23, was charged with 38 counts of enhanced possession of child pornography. Judd singled out Rose as possessing images that "focused on infants" even those "as young as in diapers."


Rose's bond amount was set at $585,000.


18-year-old Melvin Alexander Lagos Jr. was charged with 32 counts of enhanced possession of child pornography.


Lagos' bond amount was set at $32,000.


All four remain in custody in the Polk County Jail at this time, and their court dates are not known.


Judd said, "We continue to encourage parents to be all up in their child's business- no matter how old their child is. We want these suspects locked up so that they never have access to children."