Serial Rapist Sentenced to 33 Life Terms

Joseph McCann, 34, went on a nearly two week long rampage and was sentenced on Friday, December 6th.


Joseph McCann, 34, was not even supposed to be out of jail when he went on a nearly two week long rampage where he kidnapped and raped 11 different victims between the ages of 11 and 71.  His rampage began about 3:30 am on April 21st, and ended with his arrest on May 6th at 3 am.


After the jury returned their verdict of guilty on 37 counts resulting from his rampage on Friday, there was an immediate request for an inquiry into how he was allowed out of custody due to previous convictions as he was subject to an imprisonment for public protection (IPP) sentence.


This sentence was the result of a burglary in 2008 where he was armed with a knife.  When convicted of a second burglary and theft in 2017, this should have triggered his recall to prison.


The internal review revealed that McCann's erroneous release was the result of budget cuts which resulted in a few workers being burdened by "unmanageable" workloads.


“We recognise that there were failings and we apologise unreservedly for our part in this. We are committed to doing everything we possibly can to learn from this terrible case,” HM Prisons and Probation Service, Jo Farrar, said.


McCann has been sentenced to 33 life sentences today, but will be required to serve only a minimum of 30 years.


McCann refused to attend his own sentencing hearing.  Even so, Mr. Justice Edis had a few choice words for him.

“You are very dangerous indeed to people who are weaker then you are.  Among other things you are a coward, a violent bully and a paedophile.

Your grip on reality is quite tenuous, your instructions to lawyers were utterly ridiculous.

You are entirely obsessed with yourself. In your world other people exist only for your pleasure and you have no ability to see the world in anybody’s eyes other than your own. You are a classic psychopath.”




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