Senior VP at Sony fired after getting caught in online sting

San Diego, California: CNet has reported that Sony confirmed that one of their employees has been terminated in an email statement sent Sunday.


"We are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been terminated from employment," the statement read.


The employee in question is Senior Vice President George Caccioppo who had worked with Sony Interactive Entertainment for eight years.


The reason for his termination is a video that was uploaded by People vs Preds on Friday, December 3, which appears to show Caccioppo meeting what he had believed would be a 15-year-old child.


In the show notes, the group provided a link to the chat logs showing that communication had been initiated on Grindr before moving to another platform, discussing the meeting at 4:30 am at Caccioppo's residence.


People vs Preds forwarded the information and video to the San Diego County District Attorney's Office and law enforcement, but also told Kotaku that "The police department doesn't work with 'Cyber groups' like us. That's when the internet takes over."


At the time of this writing, no charges have been filed and Caccioppo's LinkedIn account still reflects current employment at Sony.