Search continues for former cop accused of kidnapping two children

Robert Vicosa, 42, Gina Vicosa, 7, and Aaminah Vicosa, 6. [Image credit: York Area Regional Police]

York, Pennsylvania: The U.S. Marshals Service, Middle Pennsylvania Fugitive Task Force announced a $5,000 reward today for information leading to the recovery of 42-year-olf Robert Vicosa and the safe recovery of his two children, 7-year-old Gina "Gigi" Vicosa and 6-year-old Aaminah "Minah" Vicosa.


Police are asking that anyone that sees Vicosa or the children contact either 911 or a special tipline that has been established at (800) 762-8187.


The York Daily Record reports that Vicosa may be driving a Ford Edge with a Maryland license plate 2DT4716, but Penn Live reports that the last known vehicle was a black Lexus G35 with Pennsylvania plates KPK-2076.


Vicosa is accused of kidnapping his daughters from a residence in Windsor Township, Pennsylvania on Monday after attacking his estranged wife over the weekend.


She contacted police on Sunday and alleged that she had been attacked and held in the family home for 24 hours, and stated that drugs and weapons were involved. Reportedly, she alleged that Vicosa had told her that he had placed a tracker on her phone and threatened injury if she were to go to the police.


"We found evidence that the assault did occur, that drug fuse did occur," York Area Regional Police Lt. Ken Schollenberger said. "The house was in disarray, a window in the back was shattered. No one was left in the home. The kids were gone, and Mr. Vicosa was gone."


During a press conference Schollenberger issued a plea to Vicosa to "do the right thing."

"Sir, you were at one time a police officer," Schollenberger said. "An in your heart you know that what you are doing is not right. You are a father, You are a father to these two young ladies. We're asking you, pleading with you, take them anywhere that you can."


"Drop them off at a Sheetz, at a Rutter's, at any convenience store," Schollenberger continued. "Take them anywhere there is a responsible person in side where they can go and call 911."


On Tuesday officers tied Vicosa to a robbery involving a 2014 Volkswagen Jetta and stolen cell phone.


Officers were contacted on Facebook messenger by a woman that stated she was being held captive by a man with a gun. She reported being held captive for several hours while Vicosa made phone calls. He eventually departed in her vehicle with his daughters, some clothing, her cell phone and house phone.


On the woman's property, officers located a crashed 2015 black Acura TL which is said to have belonged to a relative of Tia Bynum, 36, a longtime friend of Vicosa and member of the Baltimore County Police Department.


Tuesday afternoon Bynum, a 14-year veteran with the force, was suspended from the police department, where she had been assigned to the criminal investigation bureau. When officers attempted to make contact with her directly concerning the investigation, she and her 2013 black Lexus GS350 were found to be missing.


The woman's stolen Jetta was later recovered with her cell phone and a medication bottle with Vicosa'a name on it inside.


According to the York Daily Record, officers have stated, in answers as to why there has not been an Amber Alert issued, that unless they know for certain what vehicle the girls are in, no alert can be issued.


Yesterday afternoon however, Vicosa and Bynum were both spotted in Maryland.


The Baltimore County Police Department issued a statement on social media that, "Vicosa committed a kidnapping that occurred in the Cockeysville area this morning. He was armed with a semi-automatic handgun and accompanied by Bynum and two young girls." Both Vicosa and Bynum are considered armed and dangerous.


Vicosa was hired by the Baltimore County Police Department December 11, 2002 and was terminated by a trial board on August 3, 2021. According to Penn Live, it was revealed during that trial that Vicosa had been harassing female officers, defying orders, and sleeping on the job. During his career with the department, he had numerous reprimands.


Another plea was issued for the safe return of the children late this morning by Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt, this time addressing Bynum.


"Our priority is the safety and well-being of Giana and Aaminah," Hyatt said. "Please get these two precious children to a safe location, somewhere with a responsible adult. We know you are tired. We want to work with you for a safe resolution."


Hyatt said, "I can certainly say that when we have a situation that involves police officers or former law enforcement officers, our challenges are significant, but I do believe that both Bynum and Vicosa will do the right thing, which is again the priority of all of us of bringing these two children to safety."


At this time, Vicosa has been charged with kidnapping, armed carjacking, simple assault and robbery, Bynum has been charged with false imprisonment.


The investigation remains active.