Remains of two young girls found in yard of Pennsylvania residence

Old Lycoming Township, Pennsylvania: Officers began looking into the whereabouts of two young girls in September after learning that 32-year-old Marie Sue Snyder's 7-year-old son Jesse was not attending school.


Penn Live indicates that the initial cause for concern came from a medical provider that noted that he could only count to 10, had limited knowledge of the alphabet and was not toilet trained.


Children and Youth Services noted that Snyder's two daughters, Nicole and Jasmine were missing from the residence.


Snyder said that they were living with a friend and being homeschooled, but failed to provide either a name or location.


Joshua Snyder, the girls' father, spoke with Children and Youth Services and stated that he had not seen the girls since 2015 due to custody and protection from abuse orders. It was confirmed that there were neither medical nor school records for either girl since 2015.


Unable to locate the two girls, Children and Youth Services called upon local law enforcement to serve a search warrant at the home.


On November 4, Snyder and her girlfriend 26-year-old Echo Lane Butler were arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of children and obstruction in child abuse cases.


Over the weekend officers recovered two sets of human remains from the backyard near a shed. Investigators believe the remains belong to Jasmine and Nicole, but they have been sent to Erie for review by a forensic anthropologist.


The ongoing investigation has been classified as a homicide.


Chief Chris Kriner of the Old Lycoming Township Police Department said in a statement that currently it is believed that Nicole, 6,  died/was killed in 2016 and that Jasmine, 4,  died/was killed in 2017.


Chief Kriner stated that both he and Lycoming County District Attorney Gardner "agree that this situation is a travesty of colossal proportions and this investigation will not conclude until all evidence is gathered and analyzed, interviews are conducted and justice on behalf of the two deceased innocent girls is achieved."


Jesse is currently in the care of the Lycoming County Children and Youth Services.