Plea deal allows former deputy accused of raping 14 year old to avoid jail

Memphis, Tennessee: A former deputy with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office was indicted on by a grand jury in 2018 on two counts of rape by force or coercion and two counts of sexual battery by an authority figure related to the reported sexual abuse of a girl that began around May 1, 2016 and lasted until around January 1, 2018.


The girl was 14-years-old when the abuse began.


If convicted on all charges that he was indicted on, Brian O. Beck, now 47, could have been facing up to 90 years in prison. After entering a guilty plea on Monday, February 28 however, he will not face any jail time.


Beck plead guilty to a lesser charge of felony aggravated assault.


According to the sentencing document seen by Law and Crime, Beck was sentenced to a four year suspended sentence. He will be on probation for three years, have to serve 150 hours of community service, and submit to random drug screenings.


Beck is to have no contact with the victim.


He will not be required to register as a sex offender, but due to the guilty plea, will no longer be able to own a firearm or work in law enforcement.


"This was a best-interest plea," Beck's attorney, Leslie Ballin explained on Monday, March 7. "He decided that he didn't want to take a chance to have 12 people decide his case. ... Mr. Beck maintained his innocence all the way through, even last Monday when the judge accepted his guilty plea."


Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weitich explained the plea deal saying, "Given the totality of evidence, we ethically could not proceed to trial on the indicted offenses. The decision [to accept the plea deal] was made in consultation with the victim."


Beck had been hired by the Colby County Sheriff's Department in 2004. He was relieved of duty without pay in June 2018, the day after his arrest. He was terminated in August of that year.