Pedophile that coerced women to abuse children sentenced to life

James Jewell, 36, of Dorchester, Dorset was sentenced to life on August 13, 2020. [Image credit: Kent Police]

"Even for someone well used to seeing a procession of cases prosecuted for serious sexual offences, it has to be said that the extremes of depravity which these offences reveal was frankly breathtaking," Judge David Griffith-Jones QC stated during the sentencing hearing for 36-year-old James Jewell of Dorchester, Dorset on August 13, 2020.


The abuses were said to have taken place between November 2017 and July 2018 in Greenhithe and Turnbridge Wells.


According to court proceedings, Jewell is said to have met two women online.  One of those relationships began in 2017 due to his interest in bondage.  From there, a relationship grew in which Jewell was called "The Master" and this mother was "slave."


The extent of the control that he exhibited only began to come to light when the woman handed her cell phone to a friend in July 2018 and that friend discovered images which showed the woman sexually abusing a child.  She reported the images to police.


Detective Constable Karl Brett who investigated the case stated "Jewell is a dangerous man who coerced these women to carry out this abuse for his own gratification.  He managed to convince them to engage in these heinous crimes which were committed against young children and the trauma caused to these children cannot be underestimated."


The UK Database reports that Jewell had been released on bail after his arrest on August 22, 2018 which Judge Griffith-Jones described as "absurd." He was not charged until February 12, 2020.


They additionally reported that Jewell had also stated that he didn't wish to even attempt to defend himself as he saw it as a chance to get a longer sentence.  "Throughout the entire case I didn't want any sort of defense," he is quoted as saying.  "If it's my chance to talk to someone, I would very much like that.  I have tried for years."


While on bail, he spoke to a psychiatrist and a probation officer.  He told both of them that he could not remember details associated with the crimes he was accused of because "there were so many women" NewsShopper states.  He is reported to have additionally claimed to hear "laughing voices" in his head.


Regardless, Defense barrister Clare Dowse explained to the judge that Jewell was physically abused by his mother at the age of three and stated he was left "with a lingering hatred of women and a desire to be in control."


Jewell admitted to eight charges of aiding, abetting, causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, one of aiding and abetting sexual assault of a child, two offences of distributing indecent moving images of children and three offences of making a total of 139 indecent photographs of children at the Maidstone Crown Court.


Jewell was given a sentence of life by Judge Griffith-Jones, but must serve only six years and eight months before he is eligible to be considered for parole.


The mother, 26-year-old Kirsty Kimber of Turnbridge Wells, whose images were first discovered in this case was sentenced earlier this year by Judge Griffith-Jones to nine years and four months after she admitted to six counts of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, four counts of taking indecent photographs of a child and three counts of distributing indecent photographs of a child.


Another woman, whose identity has not been released, was sentenced in July 2019 to 14 months, suspended for 18 months after she pleaded guilty to seven child sex offenses.


Both women have been handed Sexual Harm Prevention Orders.