Parents Accused of Torture, Charged

Jose Rosales, 33, and Rosa Rosales, 29, of Columbus, Ohio.


Law enforcement is praising children that found the courage to speak out about abuses that they had been suffering in their Coventry Court home on the East Side of Columbus, Ohio.


Lt. William Laff of the Columbus Police Family Crimes Unit said the case is one of the worst his detectives have ever encountered. He called the 5-year-old who first disclosed the abuse to a school nurse, a "hero."  "They're all heroes," he said of the children. "These kids are really courageous."


Six children were removed from the Rosales' blended home back in March and were placed into foster care.  In June, an investigation was begun in earnest concerning abuse of their children ranging in ages from 2 to 9 years old.


Deborrha Armstrong, a spokeswoman for Franklin County Children Services, said "The service team has been working to make sure that their therapeutic needs are met, and that the children receive the services and care that they need," which according to the arrest report will include prolonged psychiatric treatment for medical diagnoses and torture.


Jose Rosales, 33, and Rosa Rosales, 29, were arrested by SWAT officers on Wednesday, August 7th, and arraigned in court on the following day.  According to an affidavit from the Columbus Police Special Victims Bureau, a high bond was requested for Jose as he is “undocumented and an extreme flight risk.”


The children disclosed to authorities that Jose Rosales had hit them with “hangers, belts cords, shoes, and hands, leaving marks and causing pain and bleeding, kicking [them] down steps, throwing the children around the home causing injuring, causing children to drink hot sauce for punishment, spraying with hot water in shower, making children take naked cold showers with their siblings, locking children in their rooms all day without food, water or bathroom access, punishing children for voiding on themselves overnight, burning children’s fingertips with a lighter causing blisters and bleeding, being bitten around the hands and extremities leaving teeth marks, making children watch sexual videos in the room with father and siblings present, and exposing to abuse of others.”  Rosa Rosales is accused of being fully aware of the abuse, yet doing nothing to stop it.


Jose Rosales is charged with five counts of child endangering, as well as three counts of rape. Rosa Rosales is charged with five counts of child endangering. The charges relate to five of the six children who were living in the home.  Laff stated that there were no charges related to the youngest child as the child is not able to disclose what may have occurred.


At the arraignment, Jose Rosales' bond was set at $100,000 and Rosa Rosales' bond was set at $10,000.  They are both due back in court on August 16th.




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