“Operation Screen Capture” leads to 21 arrests

“Reports to our Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force of potential predatory conduct against children are up as much as 50 percent during the COVID emergency as homebound children, starved for outside contact, spend more time on their devices, and opportunistic sexual predators target them online,” New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal said during a virtual press conference on Wednesday the 26th.


"We began this operation in March at the start of the COVID-19 state of emergency. This was no coincidence. During this pandemic, people are spending more time online. On the one hand, home-bound children are spending more time on their devices, both for virtual learning and for recreation. And at the same time, predators are also spending more time online, taking advantage of this situation."

21 individuals, 20 men and 1 woman, were arrested as a part of the online operation between March 18th and July 31st.  The suspects range in age from 15 to 71.


While most of the suspects reside within 9 counties of New Jersey, one came to Atlantic City from Oklahoma believing that he had been speaking with men that would be able to arrange for him to have sex with a minor.


"We're sending a clear message to child predators and those who share child sexual abuse materials online: You may think you can hide behind the anonymity of the internet. But we will find you, and we will arrest you," Grewal stated.


"We urge parents to be vigilant about the online activities of their children and warn children that the strangers they meet on popular social media sites, apps and gaming platforms may be out to harm them,” Grewal said.


"With all that parents have to worry about during the COVID-19 crisis, we hate to add to your worries, but the trend of increasing reports of potential threats to children can not be ignored," New Jersey 101.5 quoted Veronica Allende, director of the Division of Criminal Justice as stating. "You may think nothing can happen with your children being home all day, but please be vigilant."


Those arrested during the sting are listed as follows:

  • Aaron Craiger, 34, of Oklahoma. Gas station attendant and registered sex offender according to North Jersey.  Arrested March 18.  Two Counts of Attempted Aggravated Sexual Assault (2nd degree), Distribution of Child Pornography (2nd degree), Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree), Two Counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child (3rd degree), Two Counts of Attempted Distribution of Marijuana (4th degree), Possession of Marijuana (Disorderly Persons Offense).
  • Jason Berry, 40, of Keansburg, N.J.  Unemployed.  Arrested June 18.  Manufacturing Child Pornography (1st degree), Sexual Assault (2nd degree), Child Abuse (2nd degree), Distribution of Child Pornography (2nd degree), Theft by Extortion (2nd degree), Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).
  • Alize Tejada, 21, of Newark, N.J.  Babysitter.  Arrested July 15.  Aggravated Sexual Assault (1st degree), Manufacturing Child Pornography (1st degree).
  • Michael Gilpin, 42, of Union Beach, N.J.  Pipe fitter.  Arrested July 26.  Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).
  • Raymond Radziewicz, 53, of Bloomfield, N.J.  Former teaching assistant at child care center who was terminated as a result of this arrest.  Arrested July 7.  Distribution of Child Pornography (2nd degree), Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).
  • Brett Warfield, 21, of Carney’s Point, N.J.  Private security guard.  Arrested July 15.  Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).
  • Loic Atse, 18, of Aberdeen, N.J.  College student.  Arrested July 23.  Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).
  • Donovan Falconer, 25, of Plainsboro, N.J.  Employee of marketing firm.  Arrested June 25.  Distribution of Child Pornography (2nd degree), Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).
  • Michael Ascough, 39, Pompton, N.J.  Retail employee.  Arrested July 5.  Distribution of Child Pornography (2nd degree), Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).
  • Joseph Benestante, 65, of Bergenfield, N.J.  Retired.  Arrested July 21.  Distribution of Child Pornography (2nd degree).
  • Shawn Daily, 45, of Browns Mills, N.J.  Laborer.  Arrested June 12.  Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).
  • Roy Dantz, 71, of Mount Laurel, N.J.  Retired.  Arrested June 18.  Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).
  • Christopher Crispino, 45, of Bellmawr, N.J.  Unemployed.  Arrested July 31.  Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).
  • Dwayne McCormick, 25, of Orange, N.J.  Unemployed.  Arrested July 8.  Distribution of Child Pornography (2nd degree), Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).
  • Juvenile Male, 15, of Gloucester County, N.J.  Unemployed.  Arrested July 22.  Distribution of Child Pornography (2nd degree), Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).
  • Julian Ceballos, 31, of Hamilton (Mercer County), N.J.  Restaurant worker.  Arrested June 26.  Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).
  • Timothy McMahon, 46, of Piscataway, N.J.  Electrician.  Arrested May 21.  Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).
  • Edward Kross, 66, of Carteret, N.J.  Part-time firefighting instructor.  Arrested May 28.  Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).
  • Henry Ziolkowski, 66, of Toms River, N.J.  Surgery technician.  Arrested July 10.  Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).
  • Kevin Carrierri, 34, of Toms River, N.J.  Chef.  Arrested July 10.  Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).
  • Matthew Marzullo, 20, of Hopatcong, N.J.  Restaurant food server.  Arrested July 1.  Possession of Child Pornography (3rd degree).