Nevada man arrested in Indiana, kidnapped 8-year-old recovered

Nashville, Indiana: Deputies with the Brown County Sheriff's Office responded to a tip from the Brown County State Park security on a "suspicious individual" which resulted in the recovery of an 8-year-old girl that had been kidnapped from Nevada.


"Park security started getting kind of a bad vide with his actions and whatnot, and they were concerned about the juvenile that was in the vehicle with him," Deputy Joshua Stargell stated. "So they asked for us to check him out."


At the traffic stop that deputies initiated on the evening of Friday, January 21, the driver, later identified as Daniel Nicholas Eggers, 33, of Lovelock, Nevada, refused to identify himself.


On those grounds, officers arrested him.


After determining his identity, it was learned that Eggers was wanted out of Nevada on a number of warrants including felony child abduction or concealment.


The 8-year-old girl he had been traveling with was determined to be a victim of kidnapping from Nevada and was placed in the care of the Department of Child Services.


The relationship between Eggers and the child was not disclosed nor the amount of time that the child had been missing.


Eggers was booked into the Brown County Jail on local charges and will be held pending extradition to Nevada.