Mother Was Told Her Baby Died, She Was Actually Sold

In mid-November, "Asha" (not her real name) gave birth to a baby girl much to the dismay of her family.


Asha had an affair with a family friend that had refused to marry her after learning that she was pregnant.  He had actually told her to get an abortion.  According to the Deccan Herald, Asha had purchased an over the counter abortion pill two months before she was due to deliver.


“She bought over-the-counter abortion pills, but remarkably nothing happened to the fetus. The child was a born survivor,” said Bindya Yohannan, a counselor with the police commissioner's office.


After her child was born though, medical staff with the Cambridge Layout hospital informed her that her child had died.


“Later, she learned through a sympathetic nurse that the baby had survived and that it had been sold. Consequently, she approached the HAL police and Parihar Santwana Kendra,” Yohannan stated.


On Sunday, December 1st, Asha was reunited with her child.


Asha's mother and five other people have been arrested for their part in the sale of the infant for $30,000 rupees, ($420 USD).


Since Asha has been disowned by her family, she and her child will be receiving assistance from Parihar Santwana Kendra for at least six months.  The organization is designed to help women and children in need with living facilities and counseling.  They will also provide assistance in finding employment for Asha.