Mother reports someone posed as CPS in attempt to abduct her child

Porscha Bias and her daughter. [Image credit: WCHS]


“Generally, in a situation like this, someone tries to take a child, there’s an ongoing custody battle, some situation,” said Captain M.C. Sutherland of the Logan County Sheriff’s Department. “But there’s nothing, there’s nothing in that sense occurring here. This is just, I’m not going to say random. I can’t say for certain why this child was attempted to be kidnapped.”


The Locgan County Sheriff's Office took to social media to notify the area residents that "all CPS workers are required to wear their credentials on them identifying them as a CPS worker.


Sheriff Porter and Logan CPS Supervisor Christa Kovach advised that a court order must be present to remove a child from the home. In almost all cases law enforcement is to be present when this occurs. Both Porter and Kovach stated do not let anyone in your home if they do not show you their state credentials as being a CPS worker. If you are uncertain please contact 911 or your local CPS office to verifying the CPS workers identify when law enforcement is not present."


Porscha Bias reported to police that a woman had shown up at her residence and identified herself as a Child Protection Services worker that was responding on a report of drug abuse in the home.  She reportedly produced a quick test and asked Bias if she could pee in the cup.


Bias told KYTV that she complied without really thinking about it.


When the test came back negative, the woman reportedly began looking her daughter over for bruises and advised that she would need to remove the child from the home.   Bias became suspicious though as she realized that the woman didn't seen to have a vehicle or any official paperwork.


“She grabs my daughter and starts taking off [toward a] blind spot," Bias said. “So, I grab the closest thing that I could, which is a metal curtain rod that’s on my porch, and I start chasing after her.”


The suspect is described as "white female around 5’6” and weighing about 250lbs with brown hair that was pulled up on her head, wearing a blue dress shirt, bootcut blue jeans, dress shoes, and brown glasses."  She was wearing a surgical mask at the time making a more detailed identification difficult.


Police have been canvassing the area seeking potential surveillance footage from local residences and businesses.


The Sheriff’s Office is asking if anyone may have any information regarding the identity of this female or may have video footage of the female from today to please contact our office. You can call 304-792-8590 during regular business or dispatch after business hours at 304-752-7662. You can also call our Anonymous Tip Line at 304-792-8593.



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