Mother Arrested for Hitting Children with Hammer

Jazmin Curry, 28, of St Louis, Missouri.

Wednesday, Jazmin Curry, 28, of St Louis, Missouri was taken into custody on three felony charges of child abuse.  Yesterday she was officially charged and her bail was set at $50,000.


The charges stemmed from an indictment that occurred in her apartment on June 1st.  It was a month later when St. Louis City Police and the Children's Division responded to calls that Curry may be abusing her children that the case came to light.


When interviewed by police, the children, ages 8, 6, and 5, showed how their mother had hit them with a hammer.  The 8 year old girl had a bruise to her eye and fractured arm that she explained happened when her mother had grabbed her and hit it.  All three children had marks and bruises consistent with their testimony.


According to KPLR 11, court documents also indicate that Curry has a criminal record in Texas. She was convicted of felony robbery in 2016 and pled guilty to theft of property less than $500 in 2012.


Her next appointed court date is August 9th.