Man That Stabbed Mother 42-times Suffered Abuse as a Child

Matthew Jensen, 52

After fleeing to Kingman, Arizona, Matthew Jensen, then 50, was arrested on October 24th for the October 23rd murder of his mother, 75- year old Barbara Teague with whom he lived.

Jensen is expected back in court on June 20 for a status hearing. This case is once again gaining attention as a document discovered on his laptop dating back to 2009 revealed that he suffered molestation as a child and blamed his mother for not doing more to stop the abuse.

At the time of the murder, his mother attempted to place Jensen on an involuntary psychiatric hold as his behavior was becoming increasingly erratic. According to reports, he was “rambling about religious issues,” but police that interviewed him to be polite and calm so merely recommended that his mother see about taking him to a psychologist.

Later that night, Jensen crept into his mother’s bedroom while she slept and stabbed her 42 times.

After the murder, he placed the family dog in his mother’s car and started driving East, with no intended destination reportedly in mind.

The next day, he was pulled over in Kingman Arizona and, wracked with guilt, attempted to cut his wrists and stab himself in the chest twice with a leatherman-style tool that was in the vehicle. He was transported to Kingman hospital to be treated with non-life threatening wounds.

When asked why he did had attempted suicide, he told police “I knew what I did.” Police became increasingly concerned about his mother and dispatched for a wellness check. After not getting a response at the door, police in Tehachapi gained entrance to the home and found his mother, deceased.

Early case documents show that he informed police that he was under “Russian mind control” and that the voices he was hearing in his head had been telling him to kill his mother. So that’s what he had done.

He also reported that immediately after the attack, he had no memory of it. He walked past her bedroom after cleaning up and saw her in her bedroom, stabbed to death. He stated, “Oh my God, no one could have done that but me.”