Man on bond after stabbing police K-9 has now been charged with murder

Houston, Texas: 26-year-old Ryan Mitchell Smith is behind bars once again, this time charged with the murder of his own father.


Houston Police Department had previously announced on Monday, January 24, that Smith had been arrested and charged with evading arrest, interference with a police service animal, and robbery bodily injury charges.


According to the release, officers were dispatched on a call reporting an attempted car jacking. Witnesses told officers that the man had fled into a nearby store where he stole merchandise and fled once more. Smith was located in a nearby apartment parking garage where he attempted to flee once more.


HPD K-9 "Nate" caught up with Smith behind a building. Smith is then said to have stabbed Nate resulting in the need for emergency surgery for his wounds. He is expected to make a full recovery.


Smith's family posted a $50,000 bond for his release from the Harris County Jail on Sunday.


By Tuesday, January 25 the Houston Police Department announced during a press conference that they were once again seeking to arrest Smith, this time, for the suspected murder of his father.


Smith's family reported Cameron Smith missing on Monday, January 24 after they were unable to reach him for a period of time. They had conducted their own search of his residence and found nothing out of place or suspicious, aside from his cell phone being left behind which was said to be "uncharacteristic."


Police conducted their own search of the residence and were unable to find anything initially, aside from noting that Cameron's truck was missing.


During their search, officers noted that the truck nearby and initiated pursuit. At that time, Smith was able to evade arrest by driving away at a "high rate of speed" and then fleeing the vehicle into a "heavily wooded area."


Further searching the residence, officers were finally able to locate Cameron's remains. Officers indicated that he was found "hidden in a location that made it very difficult for anybody to find him."


Smith was eventually located walking along Highway 159 near Bellville, Texas and was taken into custody without incident by a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper.


Smith has reportedly admitted to killing his father with a 15-pound dumbbell and has been charged with murder and felony evading arrest.


Ralph Manginello, Smith's attorney has told the court that his client has a history of mental illness and the crime spree of which he is accused of is likely the result of a "psychotic episode."


Smith has been denied bond and is scheduled back in court today.