Man identified himself as ‘most dangerous angel’ who was attempting to rid a house of demons

Daniel Pigg, 38, of Newton Falls, Ohio. [Image credit: Trumbull County Sheriff's Office.]

Newton Falls, Ohio- A man with an extensive arrest record was arrested once more over the weekend for trespassing after he returned to a residence on Richmond Avenue after being told to leave.


38-year-old Daniel Scott Pigg was arrested on April 16 and charged with criminal trespassing. He was released yesterday afternoon from the Trumbull County Jail after pleading not guilty to the charge in court. A court date scheduled for next month according to WFMJ.


Officers were called to a residence early Friday morning by the owner who reported that when he had left for work there was a man standing in the yard.


The resident told officers that Pigg had identified himself as "Mark Angel" and had informed him that he was there to remove demons from the house. The resident stated that Pigg had ignored commands to leave the property.


Pigg had told the resident, "I'll be back at 4:30" before walking away.


Sure enough, the man returned to the home after the man had left for work and stood on the porch asking the woman inside to let him in. She called her father-in-law who arrived and got the man to once more leave the property.


Officers began to conduct a search of the nearby area and located a man matching the description given nearby standing in the roadway.


Officers reportedly asked him if he had been on Richmond Avenue to which he responded, "Yes, I was walking, nothing wrong."


Pigg is reported to have additionally confirmed that he had been asked to leave a property on that street.


Officers then began to pat him down for weapons at which time Pigg is said to have become argumentative and tried to pull away. Officers then placed him in handcuffs and reported a smell of alcohol on him.


Officers stated that Pigg told them, "You just met the most dangerous angel."


Officers informed Pigg of the complaint about trespassing and he told them that he had left the home. When officers commented that he had returned though, Pigg allegedly stated, "Yes, with permission to rid the house of demons."


Officers told him that he could not return to the residence, but Pigg insisted that he would once he was released from jail.


Officers said that Pigg had made other "delusional statements" that had nothing to do with the incident while also screaming about being arrested for trespassing according to WKBN.


Pigg has an open case against him for a charge of aggravated possession of drugs, a fifth degree felony. He is due back in court for this matter on April 28.


Going back to 2004, Pigg has been arrested several times for breaking and entering, criminal trespass, domestic violence, and various drug charges.