Man charged with murdering individuals he suspected were practicing witchcraft

Houston, Texas: Nathan Bryan Miller, 33, has been charged with capitol murder following the deaths of two individuals and the injuring of another on Saturday morning shortly after 8:00 am.


During his initial hearing on Sunday, Miller was absent and his bond was denied.


"It appears the defendant waved the police down and called the attention to the murder and freely admitted he shot them because they were allegedly performing witchcraft," Magistrate Eva Flores was quoted by KTRK as saying during that hearing.


Miller has been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.


Saturday morning officers made contact with Miller at a gas station where he is said to have "blurted out that he killed a few people."


Miller then led the officers to an area in the woods about a block away where shipping containers had been turned into a living area. There, a woman was found deceased, and a man was found still alive.


The man, 33-year-old Jacob Farquarson, was transported to a local hospital where he is reportedly listed as being in stable condition.


Further investigation of the area led to the discovery of another male, later identified as 39-year-old Carlos Canales, that had been killed. Carlos was Miller's cousin.


Flores went on to say, "The defendant is alleged to have shot his cousin in the face five times, a visitor to the shipping container residence in the back of the head, and a third party, who was found alive, multiple times."


In denying Miller's bond, Flores stated that there was reason to believe that Miller could pose further risk to the community because he had allegedly made threats against other family members as well.


The identity of the woman has not been released to allow for notification of next of kin.