Man charged with malice murder after dismembering roommate

Devereaux, Georgia: Investigators were called to a residence on Friday, June 4 after a man discovered the dismembered remains of an employee behind a shed at a home, owned by his son, where the employee had been living.


The man had gone to look for his employee, 29-year-old Justin Yeng Xiong after he had failed to show up to work on Tuesday June 1.


The Georgia Bureau of Investigation soon determined that their primary suspect was the other resident of the home, 33-year-old Christopher Collin Demmon and on Saturday, June 5,  they obtained a warrant for his arrest on a charge of malice murder.


Their suspect was located in Aiken County where he had been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct on the night of June 1.


According to the incident report the responding officer found Demmon had parked the vehicle he was driving in a manner so that it was "blocking both lanes of the roadway" and he was "walking in the roadway."


The officer reported that Demmon asked if the officer was "part of the organization," and otherwise seemed to be exhibiting "erratic behavior," in an overall "excited state and his pupils [were a] pinpoint." The officer believed his behavior was "indicators of narcotics use."


WMAZ cited Putnam County Sheriff Howard Stills as indicating that the vehicle Demmon was found in possession of was a yellow jeep that belonged to Justin. In the back of that Jeep investigators reportedly located a bloody chainsaw.


The remains have been confirmed as being those of Justin Yeng Xiong of Eatonton, Georiga.


Both men are reported to have criminal histories.

According to the employer that found his body, Justin "was really trying to turn his life around." He continued saying, "Everything I taught him or showed him, he learned real quick. He was very eager to learn."


He said the last time he had spoken with Justin was at about 10:30 Friday night, when he told him to stay out of trouble over Memorial weekend.


Dammon has previous charges of grand theft, burglary and credit card fraud. According tot he Tampa Bay Times he was released from prison approximately 7 months ago after serving five years for a 2015 conviction on an unspecified charge.


An autopsy is being conducted to determine cause of death, and Dammon is being extradited to Hancock County, Georgia from Aiken County, South Carolina.