Man beheads wife as human sacrifice

Sometime during the night of September 2, an unnamed 50-year-old man from Madhya Pradesh is said to have murdered and beheaded his 45-year-old wife in an effort to "please a deity."


During the act, the man's two sons woke at which time, according to NDTV, he threatened them as well.  They ran and alerted authorities Arun Pandey, a local officer stated.


The boys additionally told officers that their father had killed a goat a few days prior and buried the carcass in the puja room in an effort to appease the deity.


When officers arrived, they discovered that the man had fled the home after burying his wife's head and torso separately in the puja room of the home, with the head buried near the deity according to NDTV.


On Thuesday officers apprehended the man and took him into custody.


"It appears the man killed his wife out of superstition,” district Additional Superintendent of Police Pradeep Shende stated.