Man arrested on charges of child abuse after woman found stuck in a bathtub

Bryan T. Snow, 30, of Blue Springs, Missouri. [Image credit: Jackson County Detention Center}

Police were dispatched to an apartment in Blue Springs, Missouri on Friday, February 12 for a lift assist.


When officers arrived to the apartment, it reeked like rotting flesh, urine and feces.


Inside the bathroom, they found a 27-year-old woman who had been stuck in the bathtub for two to three days.  She was unable to extract herself as she suffers from multipole sclerosis and was therefore found sitting in "inches of human waste" with what the Central Jackson County Fire Protection District captain described as some of the worst pressure sores he'd seen in 27 years in the field.


She was transported to the hospital for evaluation and treatment where it was determined that those injuries soon could have become life-threatening if they had not been treated.


Also recovered from that apartment were twin 5-year-old girls.  One of the girls was described as "skin and bones" with hair loss resulting from malnutrition. She weighed just 33.5 pounds when they were taken to Children's Mercy Hospital.


At the hospital, one of doctors that specializes in forensic child abuse cases determined that one of the twins had been singled out for targeting and the other had been forced to bear witness.


Both girls reported having been choked by both parents and being confined to a closet for a "very, very long time." Inside the apartment, as discovered after a search warrant was issued, was a closet in the back bedroom that contained soiled clothing and scratch marks on the inside door frame.


One of the girls disclosed that Snow "tied me up with a rope," and one of the girls was found to have patterned burn marks on the insides of her thighs.


Fox4KC indicates that the girls disclosed alleged sexual abuse.


The Children's Division reported a number of calls concerning Snow and the children throughout 2020 which ultimately culminated in his agreement to not have any contact with the girls.


Snow made his first appearance in court this afternoon where he was assigned a court appointed attorney.  His bond has been set at $65,000.  His next court date is not yet showing in the records.


Daring back to 2014 Snow has had a number of charges brought against him including unlawful use of a weapon, theft, stealing and domestic assault.


The Blue Springs Police Department is still investigating the matter and is asking that anyone with information contact Detective Tipton at (816) 622-4196.