Man arrested for fatally stabbing grandfather because it was “his time to go”

Kolby Allen Parker, 30, of DeLand, Florida. [Image credit: Lake County Sheriff's Office]


Lake County Sheriff's officers responded to a residence in DeLand, Florida on Saturday evening where they found one man dead from multiple stab wounds and another that became aggressive and had ears in his pockets.


When officers first arrived, they made contact with 30-year-old Kolby Allen Parker, and found 76-year-old Ronal Wells Sr bloodied and lying on the porch. Ronal was determined to be deceased at the scene.


Parker told the officers that he and his grandfather Ronal had been smoking marijuana together when a verbal altercation started.  "Kolby further stated that the marijuana may have been laced with an unknown substance."


The altercation quickly became physical with Parker telling the officers that his grandfather had tried to attack him with a knife, but he managed to get it away from him and turned the weapon on Ronal stabbing him in the "heart."


Deputies quickly realized that Parker showed no injuries consistent with defensive wounds and according to the affidavits released by the department, initially refused any treatment from emergency medical services.


When asked if he had any weapons on him, Parker responded "yes," and submitted without incident to a pat-down. The pat-down revealed no weapons, but an unidentified item that was "soft to the touch while being firm" in each front pocket.


Officers then asked if Parker knew where Ronal Wells Jr. was. "Do you want to know where Ronal Wells Jr. is?" the affidavit quotes him as saying. Parker then reached into his front pockets and produced two human ears. "This is where he is."


Parker allowed the ears, later determined to belong to Ronal Sr., to be taken by an officer as evidence and then asked the officer if he could have his gun. Once the officer responded, "no," Parker is said to have lunged at another officer, placing one hand on the officer's firearm and the other on the officer's taser, trying to un-holster the weapons.


A physical altercation resulted in which Parker is said to have kicked, punched, and even headbutted three officers. One officer even used his "agency-issued Taser 7" on Parker in an attempt to subdue him, "but [it] was not effective."


Once he was secured in custody, he was transported to Advent Health Waterman Hospital for treatment before being booked into the Lake County Detention Center where he is being held without bond.


Parker is currently charged with two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, two counts of resisting with violence and one count of second-degree murder (domestic violence). His arraignment has been scheduled for April 5 at 8:30 am.


Officers obtained and  executed a search warrant on the residence after securing the scene and found an aluminum baseball bat in the corner of the porch which appeared to have blood stains on it and "a large wooden handle kitchen knife" on the kitchen table. Officers located blood on the floor and sink of the kitchen.


Inside Parker's bedroom, officer report that they located an apron hanging on the wall with the phrase, "The Family Butcher" which was adorned with plastic, bloody, human ears.


After he was mirandized, Parker is said to have provided officers with a confession during a recorded interview in which he admitted to striking Ronal several times in the head with the baseball bat before "retrieving a butcher knife" and stabbing him in the neck and chest multiple times.


Parker told officers that he wanted his grandfather to be with his deceased grandmother and that "it was his time to go."



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