Man Arrested for Decapitating Woman and Eating Her Brain

Lloyd Bagtong, 21, of Talisayan, Misamis Oriental province, Philippines. [Photo credit: JaoTV51]


In the early hours of Thursday, December 5th, Lloyd Bagtong, 21, was arrested for the beheading of a female victim that has not yet been identified by authorities.


Her body was found nude from the waist up with hands bound, about 4 kilometers or 2.5 miles from Bagtong's home.  Witnesses though, reported that they had seen the woman walking with him earlier.


When police caught up to Bagtong, he is said to have confessed to the murder, explaining that he had initially seen the woman near a cemetery.  According to authorities, he hit the woman in the head before using a “sanggot" or small sickle to remove her head.  He took her head home with him and used her brains as a topping for rice that he had cooked and then discarded her head.  He also recounted the events for reporters from the jail.


Captain Maribeth Ramoga, Talisayan police chief, said that the suspect could be suffering from mental illness based on the testimony of those that known him.  She also stated that, “The suspect said he killed the victim because she was speaking in English. This probably irritated him.”


Captain Ramoga stated that based on the evidence, the crime likely occurred close to dawn, and they were still working to identify the victim.


Bagtong is in police custody awaiting official charges.



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