Man accused of murdering father claimed ‘the devil made me do it’

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Officers were dispatched to a residence at about 9:00 on the night of Thursday, January 13, 2022 on a call for unknown trouble.


When they arrived they were met at the front door by a male, later identified as 33-year-old Anthony Ryan Jolson. They attempted to communicate with him through the door and get him to open the door, but he would not.


Officers then made contact with Jolson's brother, identified only as T.M.J., who told officers that his 58-year-old father was injured on the couch. He admitted the officers to the home and told them that his brother had hit their father in the head with a hammer.


T.M.J. told officers he had left the residence earlier in the day to go ice skating, leaving his brother, father, and two dogs alone in the home. When he returned, he had found his father slumped over on the couch, unresponsive.


Their father, identified as D.L.J. was pronounced deceased at the scene.


According to the probable cause statement, T.M.J. told officers that when he had returned home Jolson had met him at the door with blood on his forehead saying, "it's my nightmare," and "I did something really bad."


T.M.J. asked his brother what he had done while attempting to "remain calm and keep [Jolson] calm." Jolson then allegedly told his brother, "the devil made me do it" before explaining that he had launched a "sneak" or "surprise" attack on their father and hit him with a hammer and stabbed him.


Jolson had not only been calling his brother and father the "devil" lately, but had also been "recently acting paranoid and had been talking about the devil, occults [sic], and how the COVID vaccine was a part of this."


Jolson was taken into custody after "some resistance" and has been charged with second degree murder. In Minnesota law, second degree includes murder with intent without premeditation. If convicted, he faces a possible maximum sentence of 40 years in prison.


Jolson was scheduled to make his first appearance in court Tuesday, January 18.