Man accused of killing 6-year-old daughter as a part of money ritual


A father in India, identified as Banguru Pangi filed a police report on November 24 stating that his 6-year-old daughter had gone missing on November 21 from Taupadar village.


During the course of the investigation, police were not convinced the account that Pangi was giving them was truthful and it is said that he eventually told them that he had violently slapped her near the ear in a fit of rage for neglecting her studies, but that he had not intended to kill her.


According to Odisha TV however, he was less helpful when asked questions about what had happened to the girl's body after her death.


During further investigation, police learned that Pangi had been seeking a "Hanuman Coin" which is believed to hold occult powers able to make one rich.  In order to try and procure the coin, Pangi had reportedly been speaking with another man by the name of Shyama Sundara Biswal.


When police spoke with Pangi again, armed with this information, he is reported by the Orissa Post to have confessed that he killed his daughter as a sacrifice and alleged to have the assistance of his wife.


Near the Bhiarva temple where Pangi had buried the girl's body in a sack, police recovered materials used to conduct rituals and noted the presence of vermillion on the girl's head.


Sub Divisional Police Officer Niranjana Behera issued a statement saying, "We have exhumed the little girl's body and sent it to a hospital for post mortem., Further investigation into the case is underway."


Both Pangi and Biswal have been arrested for their involvement in the girl's death, though the charges against Biswal have not been disclosed.



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