Kentucky Man Rapes 8 Year Old After Hitting Her With Shovel

Cane Madden, 29, with a history of previous assault cases that were dismissed, is now accused of assaulting and raping an 8-year-old girl, authorities say. (Louisville Metro Police)


A Kentucky man, that according to the Courier Journal had been ruled incompetent to stand trial for a May burglary and theft on Thursday August 8th, was re-arrested on Saturday, August 10th for the brutal attack of an eight year old girl.


Cane Madden, 29, according to Lousiville's ABC affiliate, confessed to officers that he had knowledge of the attack and agreed to be taken to the station for questioning.  While there Madden is said to have provided police with a Mirandized statement including "intimate details" of the attack.


At 4:30 on Friday afternoon, police were called to a residential neighborhood where a girl had been hit in the head by a shovel and robbed of her iPad.  After being transported to Norton's Children's Hospital, medical personnel noted that she had sustained a fracture to the right side of her skull as well as cuts and bruises.  They also disclosed that there was “significant bruising and tearing of the vaginal wall, which is indicative of sexual assault.”


Madden is facing a charge of first degree rape of a child under 12 as well as first degree assault and first degree robbery.  The rape charge carries with it a $1,000,000 bond.  Madden appeared in court earlier today for his arraignment, where a judge declined a motion to dismiss charges and instead, entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf.  His next scheduled court date is August 22nd.


This is not the first time that Madden has faced sexual assault charges.  Notably, in 2017, he was charged in a case where he additionally bit a woman above her left eye removing a chunk of skin.  The charges in that case were dismissed in February of 2019 after Judge Annie O'Connell found Madden to be mentally incompetent to stand trial.  "Mr. Madden lacks the intellectual capacity to understand his basic Constitutional rights," she wrote in the court filing, adding that Madden was "unlikely to regain competency in the foreseeable future."





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