Joe Hagmann- At A Loss

Joe Hagmann, 36, passed away Saturday June 29, 2019. He leaves behind a wife and unborn child.

On Saturday, Joe Hagman, former co-host of the Hagmann Report has passed away.  He was 36, and his wife is due to give birth with their child within weeks.


Many of us have spent hours watching the Hagmann and Hagmann report leading us to feel as though we personally knew both Joe and Dough whether or not we ever met them in person.  So while this hurts us, I can't begin imagine the pain that Doug, Renae, Jackie, Eric to tech, and Joe's wife are feeling.  Our prayers go out to them.


As per Doug's statement, there are no Go Fund Me campaigns or any such being conducted by the Hagmanns.  He requests that if you should be sent information on some such solicitation, that you forward it to them to be dealt with.


A full transcript of Doug's statement can be found here.