Human Remains Found in Park


Louisville Metropolitan Police were dispatched shortly before 5 pm to the Iroquois Park Wednesday for a report of found human remains.


Lydia Sherrer, who lives near the 725 acre park, told WDRB that she often hikes through the park.  It was when she deviated from a trail on Wednesday that she noticed something out of the ordinary.


"I started walking closer and said 'that's too big to be a deer. Dog? No. Bear? No, bears don't live around here. Oh, yeah. That's a human skull,'" she said.


Sherrer immediately called the authorities.


On the 2nd, LMPD released a statement confirming that human remains had been located and a death investigation was currently being conducted by the Homicide Unit, Coroner's Office, and the Medical Examiner's Office.  The statement stated that the bones were "quite weathered" and that these types of investigations usually take some time.


They are currently working to determine the identity of the remains as well as a cause of death.


The investigation is ongoing and more information will be released once it is available.