Human remains found in backyard of southern California home


Los Angeles Police responded to a residence in South Los Angeles at about 11 am on Wednesday morning for a call of a suspicious death.


According to reported, the homeowner, who has lived at the residence since the 1970s recently hired someone to clean up the backyard.


"Found this — looked like a body, I guess it was a body. But when I looked, it was wrapped up, so when I saw the knees, I turned around," said the woman, who did not want to be identified when speaking with KTLA. "It was just bones."


Police confirmed in a news conference Thursday morning that the remains were human and the investigation was ongoing.


“At this point, we can’t determine how long the victim has been deceased,” Los Angeles Police Department Lt. Ryan Rabbett said. “The remains were found behind the home in between two smaller structures — we’ll call them sheds.”


The coroner will attempt to establish an identity.  No arrests have been made.



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