Florida Pastor Accused of Child Rape

Yunior Beltres, 54, of Miami, Florida, a preacher at Evangelistic Ministry of Columns of Fire is accused of two counts of sexual battery on a child.


According to the arrest report, Yunior Beltres surrendered to authorities on Thursday, September  12th with his attorney present and invoked his right to remain silent.


Beltres, who lives in Miami but is a resident of the Dominican Republic, has served as a pastor for Evangelistic Ministry of Columns of Fire since 1996.  A woman with the ministry, who did not wish to be identified, is reported by Fox 29 as attesting that the charges are false.


A church parishioner, Rigoberto Pinelas said, "We want our pastor to know that we support him, that we are praying for him and that the church will  not stop because of what is happening."


Beltres is charged with two counts of sexual battery on a minor and in his court appearance Friday, was ordered to be held without bond.


The girls, ages 9 and 10 reported in July that the rapes occurred in Beltres' home in May and June.  Both girls independently reported that they were abused in front of the other, and that they were raped on more than one occasion.


His next court date has not been announced.



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