Father confesses to strangling 7-year-old son

At approximately 5 am on Saturday, November 28 43-year-old Alankar Srivastava woke his wife, Sarika, to inform her that he had killed their 7-year-old son.


She immediately alerted her family who then informed the police.


“Sarika said that her husband killed their son on Saturday night and went to sleep with the body in the drawing room. At around 5 am, her husband visited their bedroom and after waking her up apprised her that he had killed their son and said that now no one would trouble their son, he is now taking a restful sleep,” Inspector Seesamau Mahesh Veer Singh was quoted as saying by the Times of India.


"The family members are still in a shock and we are yet to record their statement," he added.


Srivastava was described as a father that loved his children and was concerned for their future and education.  Family members state that he was being treated for depression after losing his job due to the lockdowns brought on by Covid.


He has been charged with murder and is reported to have confessed.