Couple arrested after videos posted to social media are reported to local Sheriffs

Justin Nickolai, 32, and Kimberly Hunt, 30. [Image credit: Orange County Sheriff's Office]

The Orange County Sheriff's Office took to social media on Thursday morning to thank concerned citizens that had reported a pair of videos that appeared to show child abuse.  They announced in those posts that two arrests had been made and children had been removed from the home.


WOFL indicates that the first video was posted by 30-year-old Kimberly Hunt to a Facebook group at 9:01 pm Wednesday.  That video was said to depict a girl outside their home without clothing covered by nothing but a white towel.


In that initial post, Hunt is alleged to have referred to the girl as a "dumb expletive" and told her audience that "this is the (expletive) I deal with on [a] daily basis," WKMG reports.


A second video was said to have been posted at 10:22 pm which depicted 32-year-old Justin Nickolai slapping the girl in the face with an open hand, knocking her to the ground while calling her a "liar."


WFOL further indicates that the arrest warrant states that the couple began to receive threats after the first video was posted.  After the second one was shared to social media, a woman is said to have posed the number for the Sheriff's Office and asked people to call to report the alleged abuse in order to get help for the girl.


The Orange County Sheriffs charged Nickolai with one charge of child abuse.  Hunt was charged with failure to report child abuse and child neglect.  Before the end of the day on Thursday, both had bonded out of custody.


According to one Twitter user, they have also regained custody of 5 of their 7 children.


Their court date was not provided.