Charges upgraded after child woman admitted abusing dies

Jessica Figueroa, 36, of Merritt Island, Florida. [Image credit: Citrus County Sheriff's Office]


October 9 the Citrus County Sheriff's Office announced that an additional charge had been filed against 36-year-old Jessica Figueroa after her 3-month-old son David Figueroa-Philip died as a result of abuse.


“As I said in Figueroa’s initial arrest, it is never easy for our office to work cases of this nature,” stated Sheriff Prendergast. “It becomes even more challenging when the precious child our detectives work so diligently to help passes. May this child rest in peace and may the judge presiding over this case show no mercy towards Figueroa and the brutal harm she inflicted upon this defenseless victim.”


David was taken to the hospital on the morning of September 28 after deputies found him battered but breathing and unresponsive.  The statement explained that medical professionals worked tirelessly in an effort to stabilize the child but that ultimately, the injuries were too much for him and he succumbed on the morning of October 2.


Figureroa is reported to have initially told investigators that the injuries to David were the result of a fall, but it didn't take medical professionals long to determine that the injuries he had sustained were consistent with abuse.


When officers returned to speak with her again, she admitted that the bruising and swelling to his face and head were the result of her striking him numerous times the previous weekend.  WFLA indicates that she also admitted that he was having medical issues yet did not seek medical attention, and that she was reportedly suffering from lapses in memory from that weekend.


In addition to the initial charges of aggravated child abuse and neglect, she is now also charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child.


Her court date is not known.



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