A REAL DARK NEWS Exclusive – RESIST and RESCUE in the Year of our LORD 2020

We can’t expect to enter the battlefield, and venture into the enemy’s territory for the express purpose of rescuing lost souls, sinners under the slavery of Satan, and not get attacked. This is RESIST and RESCUE – and THROUGH The BLACK is gearing up, wanting to deliver newly printed T-shirts which you can acquire at this website http://resistandrescue.com/

E.T.= Extraterrestrial TERRORISTS? Part III

“The broadcast of War of the Worlds was a psychological warfare experiment.

“The Rockefeller Foundation funded it in the fall of 1937. An Office of Radio Research was set up with … a special grant from the General Education Board to study the effects of the broadcast. Cantril published the study as a book titled “THE INVASION FROM MARS – A STUDY IN THE PSYCHOLOGY OF PANIC.” It contains a complete script of the broadcast.”