Calling all Lab Rats…

We’ve all run into those folks who, in desperation to pay their rent or to eat food during college, sell their plasma. And hey, why not? Medical and scientific research can pay big bucks. The prize for taking part in a sleep study runs around $300. Not bad wages for taking a nap. Want to volunteer to take a spinal tap or a bronchoscopy? That’ll score you around $200-$250 per overnight stay. Paul Clough, a professional clinic volunteer, contends that a person could make $18,000 – $28,000 a year just volunteering for medical trials.

Jacqueline Ronson, writing for, in her article entitled, “How to Side Hustle as a Lab Rat for Science” writes,

“But the fact remains that scientific progress depends in great part on the willingness of humans to volunteer their time and their bodies to be experimented upon. The most compelling aspect? You can get paid for it, too.

People suffering from a certain disease might be eager to participate in research related to that condition, either to help themselves or contribute to research that might help others. But there’s lots of research that requires healthy volunteers, too.”

Speaking of research that requires healthy volunteers…let’s chat about these non-FDA approved, rushed-to-market COVID jabs–that, despite getting more favorable press than Elvis and The Beatles combined, appear to be less sought after than a Startac flip phone.

Three days ago, NBC News reported that the state of West Virginia is now offering guns, trucks, and hunting permits to folks willing to line up for the jab. Oh, but wait…there’s more! Get jabbed now and you’ll also receive…well, nothing, unless you have good odds. Because West Virginians won’t actually get a truck, or a gun, or a hunting license for their trouble. No, they’ll just get their name tossed into a big cowboy hat that qualifies them for a drawing. Yeehaw!

In the state of California, they’re now giving parents $50 a head for all their kids over the age of 12 that get the jab—along with their names being put in a drawing to win big cash prizes. In Columbia, SC this week, people who get vaccinated at participating local breweries, will get a free beer for their troubles. (Two shots and a beer. Isn’t that a country song?)

Boston is offering free tickets to sporting events. Tickets to see the Boston Celtics? Yes please! Oh wait… (never mind…I forgot, it’s no longer 1991). Other states are offering everything from tax breaks to free donuts.

Not to be outdone, the state of Ohio is putting together a $1mm lottery. Gotta be honest, if I was the idiot that got vaxxed for a free Krispy Kreme, I’d be pretty miffed once my neighbor came home with a cool mill in his pocket.

Folks, this is getting ridiculous.

Not only are these game show-esque, showcase showdown prizes exposing how unpopular these jabs really are, they are also exposing how desperate the powers-that-be are to convince Americans that these jabs aren’t dangerous.

But in addition to this, these condescending incentives are also exposing what’s really going on. These jabs aren’t immunizations, they are medical research experiments…which is why they are now PAYING people to get them. (Probably also why you can’t sue anyone if you suffer any side effects). This is, and always has been, the “deal” when a consumer voluntarily, in exchange for a payout, takes part in a medical trial.


Krispy Kreme Donut…$1.30
Bottle of beer at a brewery…$5.50
Hunting License in WV…$35
Not dying of blood clots after getting a draconian injection…Priceless