Babysitter guilty of sexual activity with child

Cordice Ong, now 20, was found guilty last week [Image credit: Hyde News & Pictures Ltd]


Leah Cordice, a 20-year-old nursery worker, showed no signs of remorse after being charged with three counts of sexual activity with a child, and had his baby.


Cordice turned up in a black top and a camouflage jacket in court. She was released on bail and currently awaits sentencing.  Cordice, a married resident from Windsor, Berkshire, tried to turn the story around upon being discovered. She claimed that the 13-year-old forced himself upon her but her version was rejected by a jury at Reading Crown Court.


The conviction was delivered in court on March 4, after it came to light that the incident occurred three years ago when Cordice was 17. “I have got to consider a custodial sentence, said Judge Peter Clarke QC to the jury. “To be sexist about this, if Leah was a young man of 17 years and the complainant was a 13-year-old girl, the sentence would be almost inevitable as far as custody is concerned. It is all very unfortunate for everyone, herself included, but I was struck, as I suspect you were, by her lack of self-awareness of what she was doing to the victim,” Clarke added.


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Cordice Ong will be sentenced at Reading Crown Court on April 3rd.