Accused school shooter texted about demons and developed an interest in Nazis

Ethan Crumbley, 15, of Oxford, Michigan. [Image credit: Oakland County Sheriff's Office]

Oxford, Michigan: During a hearing in which the parents of 15-year-old Ethan Crumbly sought to have their bonds reduced information was released by the prosecution that would likely be shocking to the general population, but come as no surprise to those that frequent this site.


According to the prosecution, Ethan began texting his mother in March 2021 expressing concern that there was "a demon or a ghost or someone else inside the home."


Sometimes those texts went unanswered for hours.


Two months later, in May 2021, Ethan allegedly filmed himself torturing animals. He is said to have kept a bird's head in a jar in his room for six months.


Without giving a specific time for the development, the prosecution alleged that Ethan was also "fascinated" by "Nazi propaganda" to the point that he purchased a Nazi coin which he kept on display in his room.


Ethan's own writings and drawings are of great interest to the prosecution and they are stating that one such journal was kept in the open and not only contained images of guns on "nearly every page" but also had entries that included Nazi symbols and notes that outlined his intentions.


Even school assignments were not spared from notes and images. One such image presented by the prosecution was a chapter five test review for his math class where he had drawn an image of a pistol with a note stating "the thoughts won't stop," and another image of a bullet with the note, "blood everywhere."


"Ethan was gravely troubled," Assistant Oakland County Prosecutor Marc Keast stated during the hearing. "He was fascinated with firearms. He was violent. He displayed terrifying tendencies and behaviors, and he literally sketched out what he planned to do in his journal and his drawings."


Defense attorney Mariell Lehman asserted that the Crumbleys "were completely unaware" that their son was allegedly torturing animals or that he kept a bird's head under his bed.


Ethan's parents, Jennifer and James Crumbley are both being held on $500,000 bond and have been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter.


Ethan remains in custody and has been charged as an adult for the November 30 shooting at Oxford High School. That shooting killed four students and injured seven others including one teacher.