87 Year Old Grandmother Could Face Second Degree Murder Charge

Bradenton Police Capt. Brian Thiers as seen at the press conference September 24th. [Photo credit: Tiffany Tompkins TTOMPKINS@BRADENTON.COM]


“Joel’s grandmother, 87-year-old Lillian Parks, who is his part-time caretaker, made several concerning remarks, spontaneous remarks to officers that she had purposefully overdosed him with the intent of taking his life,” police captain Brian Thiers said in a news conference Tuesday, September 24th.


According to police, the body of 30 year old Joel Parks was found Sunday afternoon inside of the apartment that he shared with his grandmother, Lillian Parks on the weekends.  Joel was disabled and unable to care for himself so he would spend the weeks in a group home, and the weekends with Lillian who is on record as his guardian.


Joel's sister is said to have found him and called 911.  It is unclear how long he had been dead when he was discovered.


Lillian stated that she felt as though she would be dying soon and so, was concerned that there would be no one to care for Joel after she passed.


Lillian was taken into protective custody and transported for medical treatment and evaluation.  Authorities are expecting to file charges once she is released from medical care.


A toxicology report was also requested to determine what substance had been used to cause the fatal overdose.


“This is a difficult case for our detectives, a difficult case for our agency,” Thiers told reporters. “Partly because we do feel bad for an individual who feels that the only option is to take another human being’s life because you’re so worried about their care after you’re gone.  But on the other hand, this is a process where it was thought out. It was planned, and she took a human life. We need to do everything we can to bring justice to his family and his friends.”



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