18-count indictment filed against mother for child abuse

San Antonio, Texas: An 18 count indictment was file on Monday, November 22 against 31-year-old Lakendra Monique Williams related to the abuse of three children, 14-years-old or younger.


The indictment alleges that Williams "intentionally and knowingly caused serious bodily injury to three children 14 years of age or younger by: striking the children with her hands, striking the children with her foot, striking the children with a chain held by her hand, causing the children to kneel on grains of rice, handcuffing the children to a bed" and "failed to provide food, water and shelter" to the children.


Williams and her boyfriend, 35-year-old Walter Kenneth Hawthorne were previously arrested in February after a 9-year-old girl in their care was found "extremely emaciated."


At that time, Williams called 911 because the girl, then weighing only 35 pounds, had lost consciousness and was cold to the touch. She was taken to Santa Rosa Children's Hospital for treatment and doctors said she was "lucky to have survived," noting that the appropriate age for her weight was just 4-years-old.


At the time of that arrest, Williams is said to have told investigators that the girl was "evil and just trying to get her mother in trouble."


Hawthorne allegedly told investigators that he believed " the victim is capable of starving herself to death in order to get [him] in trouble."


During her time in the hospital, the girl told investigators that she had been beaten with a dog chain until she lost consciousness and had previously been shacked at the feet. Physical evidence corroborating her statements was found.


When asked why these things were done, the girl claimed that "[Williams] thinks she steals and doesn't like her."


Hawthorne was previously indicted in May on the same charges but was found not competent to stand trial. His case is still pending.


If convicted, Williams faces a possible sentence between 5 and 99 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.