14 Year Old Offers Human Sacrifice in Bengal


“My son went out to play in the afternoon but did not return home on time. When we started looking for him someone told us that Rudra was seen entering the house of the accused. When we went there the family initially denied seeing my son. Later, we found him in a room. The accused said he was doing black magic when two men came from heaven and took away my son,” Ratan Nayak, father of the deceased said.


According to the Hindustan Times, seven year old Rudra Nayak went missing Saturday evening, and was discovered later that night, with his hands and legs bound, in a pool of blood.


Ruda was transported to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead.


“We have arrested the minor who allegedly killed the seven-year-old. Acting on allegation that black magic was practiced at the house of the accused we have started an investigation and detained seven people,” Dinesh Kumar, superintendent of police, West Midnapore said.


“The accused told us that he had seen members of his family practicing black magic and tried to follow in their footsteps. On Saturday, he called Rudra saying he would perform a puja and give him ‘prasad.’ He told us that he tied up the boy and started beating him,” an officer at Kharagpur police station said.


The murder sparked outrage in the Niranjanbar village, located about 75 miles from Kolkata.  People stormed the police outpost on Sunday demanding that the 14 year old suspect and his parents be handed over.


Local authorities are still investigating.