12 Year Old Beats 6 Year Old Cousin to Death

The six year old girl, identified only by her surname Li, was found the following day. Photo: Weibo


Two children went to play together as they had innumerable times before.  One, was a six year old girl, the other, her cousin, was a 12 year old boy.  With them, was the boy's 7 year old brother.


In the course of play, the girl evidently fell from a climbing frame and was knocked unconscious.  According to the South China Morning Post, the 12 year old became fearful that she would tell his parents what had happened, so be began to beat her repeatedly with a wooden plank.


When the girl, identified only by her surname Li, did not return home, she was reported missing.  The next morning, authorities located her body in a bag inside of an abandoned home owned by the boy's family.


As the boy is under the age of criminal responsibility he will face no further action from the authorities.


Author's Note:  It perplexes me that there are no other charges being leveled in this case as it seems rather implausible to me that a 12 year old also not only bagged, but also relocated the body of his 6 year old cousin alone.



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