12 Accused of Sacrificing Child for Treasure


On November 17th, a four year old child was kidnapped while his father worked in his field in Pilibhit district’s Ghulampur village.  The next day, his father filed a missing persons report with the local police.


Two local occultists named as Omkar and Bhagat, are said to have told Munna, 35, and Sudhir, 37, and others, that there was hidden treasure in the village but in order to obtain the map to where it was hidden, a child sacrifice was required.


Munna and Sudhir are said to have planned the abduction of the child.


Later that same day, they were joined by ten other individuals and performed a "puja" or religious ceremony at Munna's farm.  They then murdered the child and mutilated his body.


Eleven of the suspects have been arrested and confessed to their involvement in the child sacrifice.  One suspect is still outstanding.


The child's body is said to have been found the following day near a lake.