Woman pleads guilty to child abduction and abuse for 2021 abduction of 2 year old from church

Ripplemead, Virginia: On May 2, 2021, 2-year-old Noah Gabriel Trout was taken from a church nursery at the Riverview Baptist Church.


Approximately 25 hours after he had gone missing, Noah was located safe and returned to his parents.


Nancy Renee Fridley was arrested for the "random" abduction and charged with child abuse/ neglect and abduction. She was additionally charged with attempted abduction from the reported casing of two other churches.


On Wednesday, June 6, 46-year-old Fridley entered a plea of guilty to the charges of abduction and child abuse/neglect.


Her attorney, Ryan Hamrick, stated that no sentencing agreement had been reached and his client would not admit guilt on the two charges of attempted abduction.


Judge Lee Harrell scheduled a bench trial for the charges of attempted abduction on July 26, 2022. Following the outcome of that bench trial, Fridley will be scheduled for sentencing.


Following her guilty plea, Bobby Lilly, the Commonwealth's Attorney, dropped a third charge of attempted abduction related to a visit to the Riverview Baptist's children's area earlier in the day before Fridley had returned and taken Noah.