Woman charged with murder of mother and fiancé claimed the “occult made me do this”

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida: Officers arrived at the residence on April 12, 2022 for a welfare check after 40-year-old Dr. Andrew Strum failed to show up to work at 7:00 am.


In the probable cause affidavit written by Detective Stacey Clayton, Officer Triana made contact with a neighbor while awaiting another unit to arrive after failing to make contact with anyone inside the residence.


That neighbor, Geoffrey Johnson, reported that he had not seen the residents so far that morning, but did believe that he had heard three gunshots at approximately 3:30 am.


Once an additional officer arrived, Officer Triana and Sergeant Glass checked the perimeter of the home and spotted a woman lying in bed through one of the windows. Despite knocking and calling out, the woman remained unresponsive so the front door of the residence was breached.


Inside the residence, the officers located a male and female victim that had been shot inside of a home office. The victims were later identified as Dr. Strum and Jacqueline Cupolo.


The woman in the bed, later identified as 27-year-old Alexandra Cupolo, Jacqueline's daughter, was described as fading "in and out of consciousness." She woke up enough to initially instruct officers to "look in the fridge," explaining, "the occult made me do this, it was self-defense."


Cupolo was transported to Palm Beach Gardens Memorial Hospital for treatment and evaluation and was accompanied by two detectives.


After obtaining a search warrant, officers located a note in the kitchen of the home which stated, "It was self-defense," before giving instructions regarding the care of dogs in the residence. The note concluded with, "The occult were messing with me. Don't believe anything bad. I am telling the truth."


Near that note, officers located a manila folder containing Cupolo's Last Will and Testament and Living Will.


Officers recovered the pistol that they believe was used in the murders from the nightstand in the bedroom where Cupolo had been found. Throughout the house officers located six casings which matched the caliber of the pistol.


After being advised of her Miranda rights, Cupolo voluntarily spoke with the detectives that had accompanied her to the hospital.


During that conversation, Cupolo told detectives, "I shot my mom, and then I shot Andrew," according to the affidavit. When asked why she had shot them she said, "my mom is a *****, so I shot her" and then turned the gun on Andrew "because he was standing next to her."  Cupolo then added, "It's alright, he's at peace."


Cupolo has been arrested and charged with two counts of premeditated homicide. Her first appearance in court was scheduled for April 13, but that was continued until May 13 as she was still being treated at the hospital.


She has since been discharged and is in custody at the Main Detention Center where she is being held without bond.