Vermont Mother Pleads Not Guilty to Attempted Murder

Kristie Buzzeo, 36, of Rutland, Vermont


Just over three months after the incident occurred, a Vermont mother was arrested by police concerning the April 23rd attempted murder of her three year old son.


The mother, 36 year old Kristie Buzzeo, was located with her child inside the locked bathroom of her apartment by police.  According to documents, the child had two lacerations on one wrist that formed an "x" and one diagonal one on his other wrist.  He is also reported to have had numerous scratches on his back and various bruises on his body.  It is reported that he told an attending nurse that he had not eaten since the previous day "when it was light."


The reason for the delay between the incident and her arrest is that she had been transported to the Brattleboro Retreat, a specialized mental health and addiction treatment hospital.


Her arraignment occurred on August 6th, and the state won it's petition for her to be held without bail despite the defense attorney's wish to have her released back to the hospital so that her care could be continued. The judge agreed that there was not ample time to confirm the security of the hospital and that there was no reason her medications could not be continued while in jail.


Her son has been placed into  the custody of the Vermont Department for Children and Families.


There is much more to this story that most of the news outlets are not addressing.  In looking into this story, there was only one site that actually provided detailed coverage of this event and the surrounding circumstances.  If you wish to know more, please visit VTDigger.



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