Two arrested for murder of family member they believed was ‘haunting’ them

Norman, Oklahoma: On Thursday, July 21, 2022, the Norman Police Department announced that 27-year-old Desiree Sanchez and her husband, 35-year-old Octavio Sanchez had been charged with the 2018 murder of Margarita Sandoval.


Both have been charged with murder in the first degree and unauthorized removal of a dead body.


Margarita had moved in with her brother and his wife in January 2018, but family members became concerned after they stopped hearing from her in February 2018.


It wasn't until May 13, 2021 that Margarita's body was found under the stairs in the basement of a residence inside of a plastic container. Her manner of death was determined in July 2022 to be homicide, but the cause was the "result of undermined means."


Margarita reportedly suffered from cognitive impairments and received disability payments which Desiree and Octavio are accused of continuing to cash along with stimulus checks issued during the COVID lockdown. As a result, federal charges are expected to be filed against the couple.


According to court documents seen by The Oklahoman, Desiree and Octavio discussed the murder on Facebook messenger.


The affidavit stated that, "in the Facebook messages, investigators learned that Desiree and Octavio believe that Margarita is haunting them."


"In one conversation Octavio tells Desiree that Margarita was not letting him get to his phone to contact her. Desiree replied ... that Margarita is only messing with him because she was not there. Desiree confirmed with Octavio that Margarita was haunting her too. Desiree told Octavio that Margarita knows what she did and that is why she is haunting them."


A third individual was arrested just yesterday for his role in Margarita's death.


Miguel Munoz has been charged with accessory to murder in the first degree after confessing to investigators that he had assisted with loading and relocating Margarita's body to his basement in June 2019.


Munoz reportedly also told investigators that Octavio had told him "Desiree started it and I had to finish it."


At the time that Desiree was arrested, Octavio was already in custody awaiting sentencing in a federal court for illegal possession of a firearm.


During a search of the residence following the recovery of Margarita's body, investigators located a firearm hidden in a trash can in the garage. Due to a prior felony conviction in Arkansas, Octavio was prohibited from owning firearms.