Tin Foil Facts

Business Insider ran a story on April 4 introducing readers to Rachel Wightman, a librarian at Concordia College in St. Paul, MN. Wightman, a self-professed Believer, believes that, “Christians are increasingly falling victim to online falsehoods.” Therefore, she developed a workshop that she is using to train pastors and laypeople how to, “fight against conspiracy theories and health misinformation.”

The article references a “recent poll” (completely uncited and unsourced) that unequivocally determined white evangelicals are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories than any other people group—talk about subjective data! While the article mentions a few nebulous topics Ms. Wightman finds concerning, such as the election, BLM, and the George Floyd riots, her primary concern, it would appear, is “vaccine skepticism.” And who are the two groups of intellectually inferior boneheads solely responsible for spreading all the anti-vax hype? (Big shocker!) White men and Christians!!! [Insert sad trombone tri-tones here].

What I truly find the most heartbreaking about all this is the librarian. Rachel Wightman, likely a genuine believer, working at a Christian college, doing, in her mind, the Lord’s work. She is likely proud of this work and believes it to be an Esther-like “for such a time as this” calling upon her life.

But what is sad is, she is unwittingly buying into the socially engineered reverse-racism “white man bad!” mythos (all “men” are bad, regardless of race, ethnicity, or skin color—we are all sinners!) It would be one thing if Wightman simply wanted to expose disinformation, but why—without any sound statistical evidence to back her up—is it necessary to add to the conversation that white men and Christians are predominantly the only people susceptible to questioning the mainstream narrative? This sort of finger pointing just plays right into the hands of the needlessly polarizing #mansplaining and white guilt agendas being pushed upon our nation ad nauseum.

Furthermore, questioning mainstream narratives in a world that the Apostle Paul ascribes as belonging to Satan (2 Corinthians 4:4) should be seen as a mark of wisdom and discernment, not shaming. Not to even mention that pinpointing white males as being the ones who predominantly ask discerning questions is, by default, calling the intelligence of men of other races into question. Are blacks, Latinos, and Asians more prone to blindly following the status quo, and drinking the Kool-Aid just because Jim Jones told them too? How insulting.

And is it any surprise to anyone that Wightman’s message of shame is targeting Satan’s largest armies of opposition: men and Believers—the two groups most likely strong enough to physically and spiritually fight against the antichrist’s oncoming New World Order? Satan is using well-meaning, but unwitting Believers, like Wightman, to forward his agenda, by shaming (and thus potentially weakening) the two greatest forces of opposition that will come against him when he unleashes his Chaos upon the planet. It’s a brilliant plan, really.

Furthermore, Wightman’s well-meaning workshops are not grounded in the reality of Scripture, the forewarnings of Jesus Christ, or the eschatological prophecies laid out in the Word. In the book of John, Jesus warns His disciples that “they will hate you because they hate me.” So, who is they? John tells us plainly who they are—the world. And who is the world? The nations and the rulers of the nations. The Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Romans, the high priests, the kings, and the presidents. John 15:18 did not expire in the 1st-century. That verse wasn’t just for Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, et al. That same “government” (the kingdom of Satan) that sought to wipe the worshippers of the One True God off the face of the earth “way back when” still rule and reign today, and their agenda has not changed.

If past governments started wars, sacked cities, dried up food supplies, and dragged Believers into slavery, prison, and to burning stakes—why is it so difficult for modern-day Christians, such as Wightman, to even prayerfully consider that untested, un-FDA approved, rushed-to-market, controversial vaccines might not be safe? Especially with names like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates attached to them—the latter being a well-known, card-carrying Eugenicist?

Also, take the fourth seal of Revelation into account. The pale (sickly green) horse of pestilence. According to the Miriam-Webster dictionary, pestilence means, “a contagious or infectious epidemic disease that is virulent and devastating.

Therefore, if we as Believers (and librarian Rachel Wightman, presumably) believe that everything prophesied in the book of Revelation will one day be fulfilled; and if we know for a fact that part of that unfulfilled prophecy is that a devastating epidemic is going to spread across the entire globe and kill millions of people—then why Ms. Wightman—do you feel it necessary to shame Believers who wish to prayerfully consider potential links between the current global pandemic and yet-to-be-fulfilled prophetic events? The current healthcare crisis and subsequent cultural shifts may indeed be warning signs of things our Messiah commanded us to be on the lookout for!

Ms. Wightman, I graciously appeal to you to prayerfully consider whether you may be being used as a dupe by the Adversary, by unwittingly shaming your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ into feeling stupid for obeying the Scriptures when it warns us to test the spirits to see whether they are of God (John 4:1). When white men and Christians sober mindedly and vigilantly question whether godless eugenicists in this world may have ill motives behind untested vaccines, they are not “falling prey to conspiracy theories”—they are following the commands of Scripture to be alert as the days grow short lest they (and those they love) perish for their lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).

If I might also humbly suggest, Ms. Wightman, that you take some time to get current with the myriad of articles warning against the hazards of the COVID vaccines being put out by none other than PubMed. PubMed (a government-sponsored repository of biomedical and scientific literature) issued a statement in October warning citizens that sufficient literature disclosing informed consent to those being vaccinated did not meet current medical ethics standards. The abstract concluded with this statement: “COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralising antibodies may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated.” This was just one of MANY articles PubMed has published issuing these warnings.

It is deeply concerning to me to see the number of Believers relying upon mainstream media, unsourced and uncited “expert” opinions, and scare tactics to make life and death decisions. Following the crowd isn’t a real good way to go—at least not on a planet where the crowd tends to migrate in the wrong direction most of the time. We must think for ourselves, and rely on faith, prayer, fasting, and the Word of God. We might have to go against the grain. We might have to turn our TVs off. We might have to stand alone. We might have to look stupid. We might even have to suffer.

The warning shot has fired across the deck. The Trojan horse has been rolled through the front doors of the church and into the sanctuaries. It has burst open and the bad counsel; false prophets; psyops, and the well-meaning, but ignorant “teachers;” have poured out of it en masse.

Question everything. Be good Bereans! We must love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, MIND, and strength. And the best way to apply our brains toward the goal of loving God is by using them!

We have reached a point in our society where you can quote exact numbers straight from the CDC website and documented literature from the National Institute of Health and Vaccine Studies and people will still call you a “Conspiracy Theorist.”