Through the Black to the Future

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Predictive Programming: “A theorized method of mass mind control that proposes that human beings can be conditioned, through works of fiction, to accept planned, future scenarios.”

Predictive Programming is an occultic kind of “reverse-engineered gift of prophecy.” Biblical prophecy occurs when God Almighty—the omniscient One who knows the end from the beginning—gives a glimpse of the future (that He has foreordained to happen) to non-omnipotent, mortal men and women.

Predictive programming, on the other hand, is the premeditated planning of a calculated future event, and then strategically laying a breadcrumb trail leading up to the staged event to give the illusion of power, insight, or foreknowledge.

In the case of biblical prophecy, God’s intent is to forewarn people in order to protect them from future judgment and catastrophe. In the case of predictive programming, the elite’s intent is to mesmerize the masses in order to control them and bend them to their will.


Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash in Cartoon Network show “Legends of Chamberlain Heights” in 2016
Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash in California, 2020

Brian” the dog and “Brian O’Conner”
“Brian” the Family Guy dog dies in a car accident.
Episode Aired: 11/25/13
“Brian O’Conner” (character played by Paul Walker) dies in a car accident, 11/30/13

Family Guy and the Boston Bombings
Peter Griffin mows down several participants in the Boston Marathon after his Muslim friend set off two bombs.
Episode Aired: 3/17/13
Boston Bombing, 4/14/13

Robin Williams Suicide

Robin Williams (pictured here wearing Brian’s collar in a noose-like fashion) drives Peter burzurk, driving him to attempt suicide via slashing his wrists, Episode Aired: 5/20/12
Robin Williams commits suicide via hanging. Gashes also found on his wrists. 8/11/14


Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change
Family Guy eludes to Bruce Jenner being a woman in two episodes, one airing in 2009, the other in 2011.
Bruce Jenner comes out as transgender, 2015


Donald Trump Runs for President
In the Simpson’s episode, “Bart to the Future” Donald Trump runs for president of the United States.
Episode Aired: 2000
Donald Trump announces his candidacy for President, 2015

Speaking of Trump–did you know he was not the first one to suggest building a wall on the Mexican border? Nope, Arrested Development came up with it in Season 2, which aired in 2005, 11 years prior to Trump’s presidency.

These are only a few of many examples.

There are also many examples of predictions that never (or have yet) to come to fruition, leading many to believe this is all merely coincidental. I believe–just a musing here–but perhaps, one of the reasons why some of these “predictions” never come to pass is owing to the fact that predictive programming is not simply about controlling the masses–but also about controlling the celebrities as well. These planted “predictions” may be a kind of threat or intimidation tactic that they use on celebrities who are “falling out of line” or getting ready to spill the beans. The celeb sees the “warning” and out of fear, keep their mouths shut to save their skin.


May 16, 2020 UPDATE
Credit to Casper McCloud who exposed this in his article, “How Shall We Overcome” (May 2020 Edition of L. A. Marzulli’s PP&S Report online magazine).

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